DIAG is currently providing computational resources for several bioinformatics software development projects, analysis efforts, and other initiatives that require large scale and highly performant compute resources and storage. Some of these are detailed below.

clovr projectCloVR Project

CloVR is a desktop application that integrates state-of-the-art genomic tools in a robust, user friendly, and fully automated software package with optional support for cloud computing platforms.

ae projectAnalysis Engine

The IGS Analysis Engine provides free automated annotation of prokaryotic sequences using the IGS prokaryotic annotation pipeline. In addition, the manual annotation tool Manatee is available for viewing and curating the data.

virome projectVirome

VIROME is a web-application designed for scientific exploration of metagenome sequence data collected from viral assemblages occurring within a number of different environmental contexts. The VIROME informatics pipeline focuses on the classification of predicted open-reading frames (ORFs) from viral metagenomes.