Top 15 Skin Resolutions for New Year

As the year ends, we look back at what we did and prepare for new resolutions. People resolve to do all sorts of things, mostly positive, in their life — something that they have been procrastinating or needing a push doing. Christmas will be over, and it will be New Year’s Eve, another year gone by. In the spirit of the new year, why not start taking better care of yourself and your skin. Be kind to yourself and your body. Help your body be healthy and strong. Take steps to make your skin better.

The constant stress, lifestyle, and pollution make the skin dry and tired. Age affects the skin texture too. All these things are bound to affect the skin. However, it’s in a person’s hands if the skin they have looks good or not. Below are top 15 skin resolutions for making your skin better overall.

1. Change the Pillowcase

Your pillowcases might harbor acne-causing microbesChanging the pillowcase creates a clean environment to rest your face. Sweat, sebum and skincare products that are on your face rub off on the pillow while sleeping. Change the pillowcase once a week at least. Also, change the bed covers and bed sheets if you suffer from body acne. A step above would be to use silk pillowcases. They are gentle and also resistant to fungus, mold and dust mites.

2. Avoid Double Dipping

Double dipping is when you use some skincare product by scooping it out with your fingers and then again dip into the jar for some more. Avoid doing this as the substance from your face can make its way to the jar of cream. Use spatulas to scoop small quantities into your palms. Rinse the spatula with hot water or clean them weekly.

3. Clean the phone

You take your phone everywhere, it’s on the table while you eat, on the desk while you work and its just everywhere you go. It is also a source of bacteria that can get on your face. Bring out the wet wipes and clean your phone. The bacteria on the smartphone along with makeup and oil also clog pores. An anti-bacterial wipe is also a good option for cleaning the smartphone.

4. Drink Water

The human body needs lots of water, and it’s not a surprise that most of it is water. Start by improving your water intake as soon as you can. Initially, it may be hard, but with time it will become a good habit. Soon you will see the difference in the form of clear skin. If plain water is not appealing, you can also try flavored fruit water.

5. Apply Sunscreen

Dark spots and tanning of skin are common in a sunny atmosphere. However, it doesn’t mean that skin doesn’t tan in winter. Use your sunscreen religiously irrespective of seasons. The only time its ok to not wear sunscreen is when you are indoors. Use a sunscreen that is at least an SPF 30 and remembers reapplying frequently. Look for non-greasy or sheer sunscreens, so it doesn’t make the skin look oily.

6. Clean Your Makeup Bag

Open up that makeup bag and see if there are old skincare products in there. If you find some, you know that you are not going to use any of them. Throw out all the expired or old skin care products as they will not help in any way.

7. Book a yearly Mole Check

Skin cancer may show up in different forms. If you have noticed an unusual mole or a little outgrowth on your skin, have a dermatologist look at your skin, even if you perform self-checks regularly. The doctor will look at more details and certain areas where you might not have thought about checking. For self-check, here’s what you should look for on a skin self-exam. 

8. Moisturize After Showering

Warm water strips skin of essential oils. Body lotions and face creams are good substitutes that can bring the oil back. For ease, keep the lotion in the shower, so you don’t forget to use. Use a bottle with a flip cap, as pumps can allow bacteria to get inside the bottle.

9. Remove the Makeup At Night

Makeup can mix with dirt and skin oils to cause zits on the face. Cosmetics can also trap free radicals floating in the air, like particles in exhaust fumes, against the skin. Wash your face as soon as you are home. One can also use makeup removal sprays or wipes to get the job done.

Popping pimples might not be a great idea10. Don’t Pick at Your Face

Stopping yourself from picking at your face is a big boon for your skin. Scratching scabs, squeezing pimples or pinching at blackheads needs to be avoided. This may result in additional scarring and more breakouts.

11. Exfoliate

Exfoliate your skin at regular intervals. But do not do this daily as it will scrub out the protective layers on your face, making skin vulnerable. Do exfoliate regularly, every couple of months. This will reduce the dead skin cells and make your face look fresh.

12. Clean the Makeup Brushes

Women use the same makeup brushes multiple times to apply makeup. Makeup and skin oil can build up and be a breeding ground for bacteria. Wash the tools every month with liquid hand soap or baby shampoo and lukewarm water. Rinse the bristles well, squeeze out excess water and let them dry gently.

13. Re-evaluate the Skincare Needs

Always be on top of your skin care routine and aware of what exactly the skin needs. Skin can change over time; it can age or be impacted by medicines or the environment. Base your skin care on that and re-evaluate every few years on the products you need to use. Include multi-layered Korean skincare routine to keep your skin well hydrated. If you are not aware of K beauty routine, go to and get step by step details and re-evaluate your skincare needs.

14. Get Plenty of Sleep

Promise yourself more sleep in the new year. A sleep-deprived face looks dull and damaged. Getting enough sleep will not only keep you looking good, but it will also keep you happy.

15. Use the Right Products

Mild and unscented products are highly recommended for sensitive skin. Products with alpha hydroxy acids, antioxidants or Retinoids make skin look younger, repairs damaged skin and can ward off further damage.

Resolutions are made every year, and some of them may not be easy to keep. However, be patient and keep trying. Don’t allow setbacks to let you quit.