2021, This Is What the Science of the Near Future Will Give Us

The Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, California, which brings together the best “futurologists” in the world, has drawn up a map of biology […]

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Latest Breakthroughs in Biology and Science

The ones you may have missed because they weren’t about viruses and vaccines, chosen by National Geographic In 2020, due to the coronavirus, there has […]

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Biology and Science

Latest Discoveries Around The World

Jesse Martin and Angeline Leece, two Australian students researching fossils in the Drimolen mine near Johannesburg, South Africa, found the remains of a skull. Initially they thought it belonged to a baboon: in reality they are the oldest remains of a skull of Homo erectus , a human species that lived between 2 million and 108 thousand years ago, the first to spread from Africa to Asia.

cbd thc medical researches

CBG, THC And CBD – Latest Studies in Treatment with Medical Cannabinoids

CBD, THC and CBG to Prevent and Treat Covid: the first researches are Indian, Korean and Israeli We pay particular attention to the possibilities offered […]

ai technology

DeepMindā€™s Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize the World of Biology

Google’s AlphaFold system was able to predict the shape of a protein from its structure faster and more accurately than traditional techniques. Deep Mind, Google’s […]

breast tumor illness

Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment: Cell Weak Point Discovered

International study published in Nature opens the way for new therapies In times of a Covid pandemic, the news risks going unnoticed, yet it can […]